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Inside you will find articles (see below) and multimedia presentations which members can view anytime 24/7 for free. These special exclusive presentations delivered by powerful presenters knowledgeable in 'conscious relationship' will support you and inspire you in your search for your enlightened relationship... These programs will also prove to be a great support system once you have one!

NOW PLAYING IN THE VIRTUAL CLASSROOM: Satyen Raja on Attracting Your Perfect Partner

Ugandan-born East Indian, Canadian citizen, kung-fu master, holistic health practitioner, psycholinguistics expert, successful entrepreneur, loving husband and father, servant of God - Satyen Raja is all of this and more. A remarkable living synthesis of Eastern Wisdom and Western Practicality, he combines the power of the Warrior and the wisdom of the Sage to inspire audiences worldwide. Satyen is also considered an expert in the area of conscious relationships, having attracted his perfect partner and together teaching "The Divine Dance" and "Sex Passion & Enlightenenment" to students throughout North America.

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